Household Negative Ion Pressurized Shower Head


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Planting process, one button to stop the water.

The size is suitable for most families’ confidence.

It is multifunction, there are 3 mode adjustable.


Material: ABS

Weight: 230kg


Standard interface: G1/2

Hose: 1.5 M

Style A: shower+filter ball and thick hole panel

Package Content:

Shower head *1




Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 50 cm

Black hose 1.5m, Black nozzle with filter, Black set, Black single nozzle, Blue single nozzle, Blue single nozzle 16to2 model, Box, Head 1.5m tube base 2pc, Head 1.5m tube base 3pcs, Head and 1.5m tube, Head and 1.5m tube 2pc, Head and 1.5m tube 3pcs, Head and 1.5m tube base, Head and 2m tube, Head and 2m tube 2pc, Head and 2m tube 3pcs, Hook, Hook 2pc, Hook 3pcs, HookandRope, Rope, Rope 2pc, Rope 3pcs, Set1, Sprinkler, Sprinkler 2pc, Sprinkler 3pcs, Sprinkler with 1pc Stone, Sprinkler with 4pc Stones, Sprinkler with 8pc Stones, Sprinkler with box, Stone, Stone 2pc, Stone 3pcs, Style A


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